2020 Primary Election Endorsements Announced

The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce endorses candidates who: 

  • display leadership to move West Virginia and its citizens forward;
  • advocate policies that create good-paying jobs for our region and state; 
  • strive to improve the quality of life for our citizens;
  • support the consolidation of government services, and metro-government;
  • deliver responsible tax reduction when fiscally prudent; and 
  • work to keep our hard-working and educated youth in West Virginia. 

Additionally, the Chamber considers candidates’ effectiveness in the legislature and his or her receptiveness to the Chamber and its members’ views.  Below are the candidates endorsed by the Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce:

US Senate
Shelley Moore Capito-R

WV Senate 8th District
Glenn Jeffries-D

WV Senate 17th District
Eric Nelson-R
Andrew Robinson-D

WV House of Delegates 35th District
Moore Capito-R
Doug Skaff, Jr.-D
Patti Hamilton-D

WV House of Delegates 36th District
Amanda Estep-Burton-D
Chris Walters-R

WV House of Delegates 37th District
Mike Pushkin-D

WV House of Delegates 38th District
Dianna Graves-R

WV House of Delegates 39th District
Dana Ferrell-R

Kanawha County Commission
Dewayne Duncan-R

Kanawha County Board of Education
Ric Cavender