The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce is the leading organization working to improve the business climate and address issues affecting Kanawha County’s future, through a collective voice of more than 600 member organizations. We serve a diverse membership of businesses of every size, from nearly every industry, in every community across the Kanawha Valley.

The Chamber represents:

The interest of more than 600 members businesses More than 40,000 employees Small, medium and large-sized companies Businesses from a wide variety of industry sectors


The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce develops public policy and takes positions on local and state issues impacting business. Our advocacy efforts help to ensure full economic prosperity and quality of life for the Kanawha Valley. The Chamber works together with elected officials and industry leaders to develop new policy and recommend Chamber positions on issues ranging from transportation infrastructure to professional licensure.


The Chamber endorses candidates who have a proven track-record on issues that are important to business and their employees. The candidates endorsed understand the importance of advancing legislation that encourages economic growth, job creation, more efficient and effective government and young talent engagement. An endorsement does not mean we agree with or endorse every position held by the candidate.

Issues & Eggs Legislative Breakfast

The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce Issues & Eggs is West Virginia’s original legislative breakfast. For more than 50 years, this business event has heralded the arrival of the West Virginia legislative session. Hundreds of business and community leaders attend and meet face-to-face with state lawmakers. With keynote remarks by West Virginia’s legislative leaders and a preview of our current year’s legislative agenda, the event supports our efforts to champion economic prosperity and quality of life for the Kanawha Valley.


The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce is an affiliate of the Charleston Area Alliance, an economic and community development organization. A small portion of Alliance member dues fund the Chamber’s advocacy for policies and reforms that drive profitability for business, growth for community and enhancement in quality of life. The Alliance was formed in 2004, merging the efforts and interests of the Business & Industrial Development Corporation (BIDCO), the region’s industrial and economic development organization; Charleston Renaissance Corporation, the downtown and neighborhood development organization and the Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest regional Chamber of Commerce.