Charleston Chamber supports the Kanawha County Safety Levy

Picture2The Charleston Regional Chamber of Commerce supports the passage of the Kanawha County Safety Levy.

A vote for the safety levy will continue the levy first passed by the citizens of Kanawha County in 1973. This levy is NOT a tax increase. It will only continue the current levy we have in place to support ambulance services, public transit, police services, and fire services.

Failure of the levy isn’t an option. It would result in a loss in automatic response for vehicle accidents, reduced service in rural areas, a decrease in bus service and transportation for the disabled and a longer response time for 911 calls.

Our public transportation system, KRT, is used by many to ride to and from work every day. The ambulance, police and fire forces are filled with men and women who make it their duty to protect our friends and families.

They are there for us 365 days a year. For just one day — May 13 — they’ll need our help. They’ll need our vote.

We hope you will join the Charleston Chamber in supporting this important levy.

Public employees disregard.