Project Launchpad titleAfter passing both the West Virginia House of Delegates and Senate, “Project Launchpad” (House Bill 4343) has yet to be signed into law by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.

This is the final step for this important piece of economic development legislation and we need YOUR help to get it done.

“Project Launchpad” focuses on job creation in the state. It will attract new businesses and create high-value jobs for our families now and into the future.

Labor organizations, business organizations and many more have worked on this bill that helps West Virginia’s economy attract the jobs of the future. Vision Shared, which was created by the Legislature to put forth non-partisan public policy, has also worked to craft and improve this legislation.

The economy of the past is shrinking. Our state needs to position itself for better economic development and more job creation.

“Project Launchpad” will produce geographic clusters that will create high paying jobs, new capital investment and a new and diversified tax base.

The modest tax considerations within this legislation are very narrowly defined. Its focus is on diversifying West Virginia’s economy by making it more sustainable and resilient to the ebb and flow of the national economy and global influences. Only high tech growth industries, such as bioinformatics, nanotechnology and photovoltaics, can reap the benefits of the bill.

The legislation also allows for modest tax benefits for employers who have student loan debt service plans as part of their personnel policies.

These provisions of the bill will help recruit and retain new talent. It will also bring back many talented young people that we have lost to the “greener pastures” of better paying jobs in other states.

“Project Launchpad” passed the House of Delegates overwhelmingly, with 90 of the 100 delegates supporting the bill. The bill passed the Senate unanimously.

Each member of the House and Senate of the Kanawha County delegation also supported “Project Launchpad.”

Call to Action

We encourage everyone that cares about creating a brighter future for our state to contact Governor Tomblin’s office at 304-558-2000. Please leave a message saying that you support “Project Launchpad” (House Bill 4343) and want him to sign this bill into law.

West Virginia doesn’t have to be on the losing end of the new high-tech economy. We don’t have to accept losing our talented young professionals to other states.

It is paramount to the future of our children and grandchildren that “Project Launchpad” be signed into law.

Exercise your voice and help make this positive change for West Virginia.


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