• District 1
  • Non-Incumbent
  • Tenmindset@yahoo.com
  • 304-881-7088

1. Tell us a little about yourself including why you are running and what goals you hope to accomplish

I am just me……running for the Board because I hope to have real input, into the serious issues effecting education; drugs to politicians and bringing the focus back to quality education; not only the 3 R’s but trade and technologhy.

2. What do you see as the role of a Board of Education member?

As any public leader should…..Honoring the Constitution and their Oath….Being true toall constituents

3. What qualifications and attributes lead you to believe you would be a good Kanawha County Board of Education member?

“Whatever” I commit to…..I am committed, too.

4. For Non-Incumbent candidates, what would you have done similarly or differently than the current Board of Education?

Not enough information to determine their reasonings

5. Kanawha County continues to face declining enrollment. What considerations should be given in terms of school facilities and infrastructure spending?

Repurposed to Trade/Technology Training….

6. What are your views on the impacts of the pandemic and what would you do to close the learning gap created by this crisis?

The “pandemic” simply exposed the learning gap…..it did not cause the issue;Time to get back to “BASICS”.

7. There are many ongoing pandemic-related challenges facing education, including teacher fatigue. How would you address these issues?

Teacher fatigue existed long before the “pandemic”……because the Lack of Teacher respect, has been ongoing. They must have real input; policy to program.