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1) What do you feel are the best strategies for addressing the homelessness/unsheltered population issue in Charleston?

Helping provide greater coordination, planning and resource sharing among the existing social service agencies and entities. The city needs to be a player in a new strategic plan regarding the homeless and disadvantaged individuals, particularly those suffering from mental illness and addiction. Special focus needs to be made to youth homelessness.

2) What is your position on economic development incentives and how can the City work with economic development partners to incentivize business relocation and expansion?

Improving our city’s and region’s economic development strategies and resources will come from spinning off the economic development function from the Charleston Area Alliance. Then, this community must decide what level of public and private resources it wants to invest and what outcomes are desired.

3) Charleston City Council has 26 council members. Do you believe that this number is too large to be effective or it adequate? Please explain your answer.

I support putting this issue up to a vote of city residents.