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1) What do you feel are the best strategies for addressing the homelessness/unsheltered population issue in Charleston?

Our campaign has sought to implement job training programs, substantial investments into vocational and technical education, as well as a pathway towards recovery for those who are suffering from substance abuse. We must attack this issue by helping Charleston residents who find themselves on the streets, prevent people from ending up homeless in the first place, and also invest into helping curb the rising rates of drug abuse. These actions offer a concrete solution to the rising rates of homelessness in Charleston.

2) The pandemic has had far-reaching effects including an explosion of remote work causing a severe reduction of occupied office space. How will you work with City Council and economic/community development partners to ensure that downtown does not end up with streets of empty buildings?

We must clean up our city streets. One of the primary reasons why companies are discouraged from relocating or staying in downtown Charleston is due to the rising rates of crime and theft. My administration would make it a top priority to ensure that downtown Charleston is safe, clean, and open for business. Additional tax incentives can be utilized to encourage companies to establish a presence in downtown Charleston. We firmly believe that by working closely with the Charleston City Council we can create bipartisan solutions that reflect the commitment to economic expansion that many envision

3) What is your position on economic development incentives and how can the City work with economic development partners to incentivize business relocation and expansion?

It is no secret that Charleston is struggling. We must ensure that our small business owners in the city of Charleston feel like the mayor’s office has their back. Business owners in Charleston are often discouraged with rising business and occupation taxes. We plan to examine how we can offer more incentives to our businesses to stay in Charleston rather than relocating to surrounding cities.