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1) What do you feel are the best strategies for addressing the homelessness/unsheltered population issue in Charleston?

The best strategy to address the homeless/unsheltered population in Charleston is to give them help vs enabling them. Many of the programs center around the noble acts of feeding and clothing the homeless. But they do not address the root cause of their homelessness or address the mental health needs of those that could use help in that regard. This can be done by helping non-profit programs as well as partnering with more medical, and economic entities. We need to address the cause to help them beyond just making their situation more comfortable.

2) What is your position on economic development incentives and how can the City work with economic development partners to incentivize business relocation and expansion?

Solely relying on tourism is a disaster waiting to happen. Tourism has a place in our economy. However, tourism jobs are low wage, mostly part time jobs. We need to look outside that box to attract business of all sizes. Including start-ups. Looking for one business or industry to boost our economy is foolish. Small and medium businesses, if fostered well and allowed to grow can become larger businesses. Excessive regulation, taxation, lack of parking, and the not well accounted for user fee are all things that keep small businesses from wanting to set up shop in the city.

3) Charleston City Council has 26 council members. Do you believe that this number is too large to be effective or it adequate? Please explain your answer.

That number is too large. The city council has grown too large for a city of this size. I firmly believe Charleston could reduce the number of wards and reduce the number of at-large council members. Having a council of this size is fiscally irresponsible for the city and as with all government, has grown too large to efficiently operate. I would support reducing the number of members all the way to 14 members.